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End Your Week Stress-free with This Pampering Guide

Hello! Welcome to my weekly pampering routine!
So, you’ve had a stressful week in college or work or whatever and now it’s finally Friday.  Don’t know how to properly chill out for the weekend? This is a list of things that I do to help kickstart myself into a relaxing, stress-free environment.

1) Get everything done
In order to feel stress free, make sure that everything you need to be done is done. This can be stuff like sending off emails for work or assignments for school or college just make sure that all of the important and stressful things are out of the way. This is going to extend the relaxing amount of time that you’ll have across the weekend.

2) Get organised
Another tip is that you get yourself organised. Tidy your room, make it look pretty, Get anything that will remind you of work out of the way, this is time for pampering, you don’t need to see that. Doing this will ensure that a unclean and unorganised bedroom/house will not be a worry this weekend.

3) Put on fresh b…