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2018 Goals

2017 wasn’t one of my most productive years, I’ll admit. I regret letting my college exams and work get on top of me and making me worry constantly through the whole year, I regret not taking fitness as seriously as I probably should have and overall just feeling like the year was wasted. I’m setting myself these goals because I know 2018 I must improve to be a better person for not only myself but to show others I’m more than this. Here’s a list of things I’m going to try and achieve before 2019.

1) Study with consistency   Instead of waiting around for exams, I’m going to start revision early and slowly progress in my work. This means attending college on a more regular basis and using my spare time more wisely instead of playing video games and sleeping all day. If I study enough I know my grades will improve and it’ll all be worth it in the end, besides I’ll be getting a gap year soon so I may aswell focus while I have the chance. 
2) Focus on fitness  I’ve been lazy with the gym…

Ombre Nail Tutorial

How To: Ombre Nails

This is a quick and simple tutorial I made on how to do these cute ombre styled nails. Each nail can take less than two minutes so it's so helpful if you're in a rush to go somewhere but also want to do something fancy and different with your nails.
This style is also extremely easy and can be very good for beginners and those who want to experiment with different styles, 

What You'll Need:
- Clear Nail Polish

- Nail File

-Nail Scissors

- Square Makeup Sponge (come in packages of around 10 for about £2)

- 2 Or More Nail Polishes of Your Choice

-Q tips

-Nail Polish remover/PVA glue

Steps: 1) Before doing anything, use nail scissors to cut and shape your nails and file them down to an appropriate size, make sure that each nail is even in length before starting to paint.

2) Polish over the nails with a clear nail varnish like shown in the video. This helps to give your nails a natural shine and helps to protect them from any damage which might be caused by h…