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Most Commonly Asked Beauty Questions - Answered

If you’re into beauty then there’s a lot of questions you may find yourself asking, but never really finding out the answer. In this post, I’m debunking some of these questions in order to help you and give you a more clear understanding of beauty.

1) How often do I need to clean my makeup brushes?

Usually you can go 3-7 days without needing to wash your makeup brushes. You don’t need to overwash them and ruin their natural fluffiness, but if you do use them on a daily basis, it is recommended you should wash them with warm water and shampoo at least twice a week. Brushes that are used for eye makeup and foundation should be washed the most due to build up of product which ultimately leads to bacteria build up which could cause infection.

2) How Long can I use the same mascara for?

Mascara usually stays good enough to use for around 3-6 months, but no longer than this. If your mascara is already drying out before this period of time is over, then it is recommended to get rid of it in order to avoid any infection is bacteria.

3) Can toothpaste really get rid of pimples?

Yes. Applying a small blob of toothpaste on zits and pimples before bed can actually help to get rid of them.

4) How can I make my hair healthier?

Diet is an important factor to keep your hair healthy. Foods such as eggs and good protein sources along with rich foods e.g greens can do a great deal in order to keep your hair healthy for longer. Blow drying your hair can damage it significantly, so try to let it dry naturally sometimes. When towel drying your hair, use a cotton tshirt. The fibres are much more gentle against your hair and prevent damage which can be caused by rough towels.

5) How often should I wash my hair?

Once or twice a week. This is the healthy amount to wash your hair. Often if mine appears greasy before or after I’ve washed it, I’ll use dry shampoo.

6) Which steps do I take first when applying a full face of makeup?

Prime your face then fill your eyebrows followed by eyeshadow and eyeliner, then mascara and foundation. After that apply your concealer, lipliner, lipstick, blusher, contour, highlighter and setting spray.

7) How do I make my makeup last longer?

Use a good quality primer before you apply any makeup. Make sure it goes on your eyelids and even lips. After applying makeup, either use a good setting spray or hairspray usually works.

8) Should I brush or comb my hair?

Brushing your hair, especially when wet, can make it prone to snapping as it weakens. Comb your hair gently to avoid any of your hair breaking unnecessarily.

9) Is clipping you nails really bad for you?

It can be. When it’s time to trim your nails, use nail scissors. This will reduce the chance of ingrown nails.

10) How can I stop myself from getting acne?

Drinking lots of water is a good place to start when avoiding acne. Be sure to moisturise your face on a daily basis to break down any bad oils which may cause spots. Use minimal makeup in order to stop your pores from getting blocked. 


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  2. So many of my questions answered! Thank you!

  3. There is certainly a lot to learn about this subject.
    I love all of the points you've made.


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