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Cheap Cosmetic Substitutes

As a 17 year old, I know exactly how frustrating it can be to see make up or other beauty tutorials which include highly expensive cosmetics, which are not usually affordable. I’ve come up with a list of ideas where you can substitute expensive and unrealistic cosmetics for cheap, easy and simple replacements of a few items which I use on almost a daily basis. 

1) Translucent Powder 

       After applying a full face of foundation and concealer, you may find that you need a matte finish. Usually the answer would be translucent powder, which comes at a total of around £13 on average for a small tub. Instead of this, try replacing it with talcum/baby powder. It helps to bake and set the makeup just as well on your face and includes a significant price difference, totalling to less than £2 on average. You might even find some lying around your household! I use this powder for almost anything, it works a charm every time.

2) Fake Eyelashes

   Although this one may seem obvious, it might come as a surprise to some of you as to how well it actually works. I know that fake eyelashes can be priced ridiculously high for such a temporary product. Instead of using these, I have always used two different types of mascaras, not only do they last 6 months but they’re also much cheaper than buying a new pair of falsies every weekend - not to mention this can cost up to £150 a TIME!

I start off my fake eyelash look by using W7 Absolute Lashes as a base, this mascara costs less than £3 from pretty much any beauty store and online. I then take either the Volume Million So Couture (£10.99) or the Volume Million Waterproof Mascara (£10) and layer it on top of the first 

3) Matte Lipsticks 

 There’s nothing I love more than a good matte lipstick, but when the only decent ones are Kylie Jenner’s which price at £15+ per lipstick it makes us all want to go without. But fear not, I have a solution which might just save your life savings. Find ANY lipstick of any shade (as long as it isnt lip gloss) and grab your powder brush and baby powder and dab away. Make sure you shake the powder brush before dabbing the powder on your lips in order to keep them looking naturally matte-ifyed. This honestly makes your lipstick last 10x longer and saves you going out and buying new lipsticks just because everyone else seems to be doing that. 

The picture above is of New Look's Mocha Matte lipstick which is £3.99 and i'm in love with everything about it, the shade, the smell and how long it lasts.

4) Contour Palette
  This one may seem like a far stretch, but bare with me. If you’re anything like me then you’ll be wondering ‘what will my face look like if it’s contoured?’ but on the other hand when you search for a contour palette online, they all come up as WAY out of your price range. I know this happened to me several times and that’s what gave me this idea. Eyeshadow is the answer, find a dark shade of brown or beige which mostly matches with your skin tone and dab small amounts onto shadowy areas of your face, sculpting your cheekbones, jawline, nose and the sides of your forehead. Make sure to blend this out properly and thoroughly, especially if the eye shadow is very pigmented.

Well I hope you found this post useful and can use some of the tips I shared with you today. If theres anything that I missed or if you use some different techniques, let me know down in the comments and maybe I'll relate! Thank you :)


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