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What Last Year Made Me Realise

I know I’ve spoken before in another post about 2017, but not exactly in a positive way. Although there are many things I wish I could’ve done but didn’t, there’s also a few things I’ve learnt which really has made me into a more positive and grateful person. I want to use this post to explain how negative times will eventually grow into something more and change you into a better version of yourself.

1) Life is short
Just because a few bad things can happen here and there, it doesn’t mean life is over. Life is so so short and you have no idea when the next thing is around the corner. It takes a split second for your whole life to collapse around you so make the most of every single second you have and spend it wisely. Be happy, be caring, thank others, help people and most of all just savour the moment. A couple things made me realise this last year, it was the toughest year of my life but I think it’s made me become the person I will turn into, slowly but surely.

2) You can get through anything
I’ll gladly repeat myself here, 2017 was awful. Sometimes I wish it never happened, but I’m thankful that it did. Long story short, I spent months of my life thinking that I was going to die at any second and it completely terrified me. I have never been so emotional and I really thought that my life was over, but I got through it. I got through exams, I got through fake friends, family issues, relationship issues and health issues. I made it. I came out of 2017 with a big smile on my face to say good riddance to the year and all the bad things that happened. I've started 2018 feeling more wise than ever.

3) Do things that make you happy
I don’t know about you, but I always feel extremely guilty when I spend a couple of hours gaming or just playing on my phone instead of revising. I realised that feeling like this is wrong, you need relaxing time just as much as you need time to work. You won’t find true happiness if you get lost in what you’re doing and forget to enjoy life.

4) Stand up for yourself
I always used to be the kind of person who would do anything or just go along with things for the sake of other people. In 2017 I discovered that I have my own voice and no I will not be punished for using it. I will stand up for myself, say no when I want to say no and tell people exactly what I think. This doesn't mean that i'm going to be horrible to others or say things to hurt their feelings, I'm simply just speaking out like I never used to do.

5) Embrace your flaws
Nobody is perfect and i know i'm certainly not, but there's no reason why I spent the whole of last year loathing in self hatred. If you know that you're doing something that will make you hate yourself, stop doing it and change it for something that will bring positivity into your life. Good vibes people, good vibes.

6) Be active
Go outside, spend time with people you love, have 'me' time, start up the gym, just be active. You never know when you might not get these opportunities in life anymore so take advantage as much as you can.

These were just a few little things that 2017 made me realise I should do or have started doing. I wanted to make this post as not only something for everyone to read and take note of, but also to remind myself that there's never a rainbow without some rain. Life will always get better, even if things tend to get a little worse sometimes.

Thank you for reading, feel free to share anything that 2017 made you realise in the comments below! :) x


  1. Couldn't have put it better myself!! really great points here

    Sophia xo


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