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Makeup Favourites Review 2017

Hello and welcome to my list of 2017 make-up favourites! Most, if not all of these products are 100% recommended by me due to the quality and price ranges.

1) Mascaras
I cannot simply choose one or two of these because I love them al so much for different reasons. W7 absolute lashes (first left) are amazing because not only are they super cheap, they give such an amazing extension onto your lashes. It’s best used on top of another mascara to give a good length eyelash. Next to W7 is Volume Million Lashes Waterproof. I love this mascara and honestly this paired up with the W7 mascara is to die for! Also it is Waterproof, hence the name, and does the job perfectly! Next to this is another Volume Million Lashes - this one is ‘So Couture’. Also another amazing product from the same brand, I am definitely going to keep buying these mascaras, I think that So Couture gives a more fuller look than the waterproof mascara, but that’s just my personal opinion. The next mascara, and probably my most favourite is the Maxfactor Fusion False Eyelash Effect, it’s everything it says on the label and more. Out of all of these, this is definitely the best one if you like false eyelashes and are like me and too scared to actually use them. The last one on my list is Maxfactor Mega Multiplier. I would say that this one is like the W7 mascara and is best used as a top coat or for a more natural looking eye look, nonetheless it still does a great job at extending the eyelashes!

2) Contour/Highlight Palette
This is the Revolution palette and honestly is one of my favourites. It’s cheap and the colours are nice and pigmented and easy to blend. There are a selection of different shades so there is a good chance at least one of them will match your skin tone and look like a natural contour. It also comes with a cute little brush to apply the makeup with, I use this always. 

3) Highlighter
Technic Get Gorgeous highlighter has been my go to highlighter for the past year or so now. It gives off such an amazing glow, lasts forever and is so so cheap. The quality for your money is actually amazing. I love a good highlighter and if you do too, I would highly recommend this one. Such a radiant, beautiful glow always. 

4) Eyebrows
I am Inlove with this W7 Browbar! It comes with the best brushes that I will never stop using. They’re so slim and precise and the colours are extremely pigmented so fill in your brows perfectly without any gaps. There’s four different shades, each for one hair colour which is so handy especially if you like to change the colour of your hair. The packaging comes with another eyebrow brush too, this product has always been my favourite since I’ve started doing my eyebrows. 

5) Lipstick
Oh, my one and only<3 This matte lipstick is from Primark and cost about £2 or less but has got to be my favourite out of all Lipsticks I’ve tried. And with the price, I’m really not mad about it. There’s not much else to say other than buy this if you want a great matte lipstick for super cheap. It reminds me of a NYX dupe of the shade Teddy. 

6) Foundation
Dream Satin Liquid foundation is one of my favourite foundations ever. It’s not much coverage, but I think that’s good as it’s not at all cakey or heavy on your face. This foundation is also cheap so you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank for it. 
MaxFactor Lasting Performance foundation has pleasantly surprised me. If I’m honest, at first I though it was exactly the same as the other one, but I soon realised it has a lot more coverage and lasts a lot longer than the Dream Satin Liquid foundation. This is good because it feels super light on your skin but covers any blemishes or spots and acts as quite a good concealer. I would definitely recommend the Maxfactor Lasting Performance foundation if you’re looking for a light but long lasting foundation. 

Thank you for reading my 2017 favourites. I hope this can help you if you’re stuck on what make-up you should purchase! 


  1. Fabulous blog. You had some great picks!!!!! I just followed your blog by the way! Keep in touch!

  2. OH MY! 😍 There’s so many colors in that palette! I am In love, but also a little overwhelmed haha. πŸ˜‰ Great post!

    1. I know!!! How could I possibly leave that palette in the store?!😱 thank you haha

  3. I don't think i've actually tried any of these products! That Technic highlighter looks amazing though, I'll have to check it out! My personal faves from this year would have to be the benefit roller lash mascara and any sleek eye shadow palette x

    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

    1. Definitely give it a try, I think you can pick it up for like £3 and it lasts so so long honestly! Aw yes loveee those eyeshadow palettes 😍x


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