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Budget Beauty Collaboration

Hello and welcome to my very first collaboration! In this post Jade (@mumsbbblog) and I have decided to team up and gather our most favourite budget beauty products and give our honest reviews. Enjoy and make sure to check out her blog at

What do you love about budget beauty?
MBBB: Why do I love budget beauty? There are many reasons! Of course first and fore most - money! Being of Momma to two young babies, of course they always come first and this usually always leaves little for Mama! So finding products that are easily on the purse, but work wanders are top of my shopping list.  Another reason I love budget beauty is because it's fun! Sometimes you aren't sure what your going to get, and I have to be truthful, most of the time it's great! And you can have lots of fun trying new things. 

SS: I honestly believe that budget beauty is so so underrated! I love that you can go out with £10 in your pocket and come home with a couple items that’ll come in handy for everyday use. It’s so much cheaper and easier than spending £40 on an eyeshadow palette that has the same quality as any drug store or budget brand of makeupAlso I agree hugely with Jade, if you’re not sure that a brand or even colour type won’t suit you, you can try it with basically no loss. 

So next up we are sharing our top 3 best Budget Beauty Products:
L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Detox Facemask £7.99. This is one of my absolute favourite face masks! It has a beautiful, luxurious texture to it. It is applied in an even layer to the face, and then once dried, it cracks and washes off. It leaves your face feeling detoxified, soft, supple and refreshed. L'Oreal have combined three pure clays with charcoal, which draws out the impurities from the skin. Unlike other face masks, this one doesn't dry out your skin. I still apply a light moisturiser after use, as I can sometimes have dry areas. I highly recommend this product for a weekly treat at home!

Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick £8.99. (04) As you all know Bourjois are one of my favourite beauty brands, and I use a lot of their products. This is a relatively new range of lipsticks and was the first matte velvet lipstick I have tried. One of the reasons I love bourjois so much is the quality feel the brand offers, and they haven't failed here. It offers 24 hours of wear and feels very lightweight on the lips. I haven't tried to keep it on for 24 hours (come on I'm a Mama, the products I review are rigorously, child tested!) but it does last after a cup of tea! I really love the pigments in the colour, they stand out vibrantly on the lips! Another reason to love this lipstick is, it isn't drying. I find some matte lipsticks can dehydrate the lips, and this isn't ideal, as it can create cracking on the surface, and just generally not be very comfortable to wear. Another 10/10 from me for Bourjois!

Bourjois Miraculous Contour Universal Lipliner and Primer £5.49. I have trained as a nail technician, and the secret to a lasting mani or pedi is in the prep. As the old saying goes if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail! And the same applies for pretty much everything, make up too. I have previously written a review for Urban Decay's eyeshadow primer potion (definitely a must have) this lip liner from Bourjois doubles up as a primer. Henceforth prolonging your lip colour and preventing colour bleeds. Bonus - you can use this liner/primer with any lipstick or gloss you like! Longer lasting colour saves time on application and product! Win win!!

W7 Shape Your Face Contour Kit £5.92 
This contour kit is very impressive for the price. I really love how it leaves you with a blended finish as the contour isn’t too pigmented and is a light powder. I recommend this for those who aren’t sure on how to contour, this kit will help you to not over blend or under blend, yet will sculpt your face just the way you want it. It also comes with a cute contouring brush as-well in case you don’t already own one. 

Khol Kajal Pump Up Booster Eyeliner £3
If you’re tired of having stubborn eyeliners which are like crayons instead of eyeliners, honestly this is what I recommend. This is the creamiest eyeliner I have ever owned and probably the cheapest eyeliner too. I have this in the shade brown, but you might want to go for a black for a standard eyeliner look. The only thing I would say about this is that the tip is quite thick, so if you want a fleek wing, I’d suggest sharpening the end with a pencil sharpener. 

W7 Viva La Berry Lipstick £2.77
Yes, Another W7 brand! With their quality and prices, you really can’t go wrong. If any of you know me, you’ll know that I LOVE a good lipstick. And having the combination of black hair and brown eyes this shade suits me so well and looks incredible on. I love the colour so much, it really stands out and is quite diverse from a normal shade of red. Perfect for a night out too as the colour doesn’t just fade or fall off immediately after applying.  


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