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10 Cheap and Easy Date Night Ideas

I’m in a relationship and I know how difficult it can be to think of any effective date nights that are cheap, easy and special to you and your partner. I often found myself googling things to do for date nights, but often faced with answers such as ‘go to Paris for the weekend’ and I mean, that’s not very realistic or affordable, so enjoy my list of cheap date nights that are hopefully easier than going to Paris!

1) Movie, Snacks and Wine
Honestly one of my favourite date nights. You don’t have to worry about going out and dressing up or facing other people, all you need is you, Your bed, your loved one and food to make one of the most memorable dates. This is also extremely cheap, you can gather up some food from around the house and get a cheap bottle of wine, my favourite is Silverbay Rosè which is only £3 from Tesco. What a steal.

2) Quiet walk
Either around a nature reserve or a park near you, it’s always good to have some fresh air and stretch your legs every once in a while. This is obviously free and can be a great opportunity to just walk and talk, no distractions such as mobile phones or laptops. Even take some food for the ducks if you’re near a lake or pond!

3) Relive your First Date
This can be so much fun, and if things are getting a bit boring in your relationship then there’s nothing better to do than to relive your first date. Go to the same coffee shop, cinema, whatever you did. This will bring back the memories of when you first met and you’ll even get some butterflies just like how you used to! :)

4) Picnic in the Park

A classic date. Grab a bag of food, a blanket to lay on the floor and one of your favourite drinks. Usually the best in the summer time and is the perfect solution to relax and catch up with your significant other.

5) Stargaze

If it’s too late to go to the park for a walk or for a picnic, go stargazing! Drive to the highest point near you and make sure to take a cosy blanket with you and plenty of snacks. Sit in the car and relax, play some soft music as you talk about life and watch the beautiful stars and night sky above you.

6) Do something you wouldn’t normally do
This could be anything such as playing video games together or going for a bike ride. You never know, doing the unexpected might be exciting and bring laughter and joy to your relationship. Who cares if your bad at it, make memories and just focus on having fun!

7)  Roadtrip!
If you’re like me then you loveeee going on road trips! I love driving around in the car with my boyfriend whilst listening to music, singing along to the radio with not a care in the world.

8) Bake or Cook together
Baking a cake or cooking a meal for you both can gonone of two ways; be stressful and traumatic or silly and fun. If you’re willing to take the chance, go for it! Plus, at the end of it you get food! Who doesn’t love food?

9) Make a scrapbook together
Gather your favourite pictures and memories together, include movie tickets or concert tickets of any kind which may bring back cute memories and stick them in a stylish little book. Make sure to caption them with dates and a short sentence to accompany it. This will give you some real bonding time and you’ll have something sentimental to show for it.

10) Have a Photoshoot
Try and make your own, get funny props, costumes, etc and use your phone timer and pose in a silly position together or get someone else to take photos of you and edit your heart out. Create a folder including the pictures and you’ll remember them for life!

Thank you for reading my top 10 cheap and easy date night ideas! Let me know your favourites in the comments below! :) x


  1. Amazing post! Must admit i do love all of these ;)

  2. Great post darling! I'm an absolute sucker for romance and this has just made me want to be in a relationship all over again x

    1. Aw thank you so much! It means a lot x

  3. Oh my God I LOVE these ideas! So simple, yet so cute and romantic! Thank you for sharing! 😍

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so happy you like them 💓

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